5 Beautiful Plants to Add to Your Florida Landscape

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Designing your dream landscape can seem quite challenging if you live in Florida. Some plants and shrubs work better in a warmer area, and some will not work due to the tropical climate. You might have tried a few options only to discover they would not work for your home. Lucky for you, we’ve comprised a small list of plants and shrubs that work great in the warm Florida climate.

1. Loropetalum

Loropetalum is a type of four shrubs or small tree species in the witch hazel family (Hamamelidaceae) native to China, Japan, and southeastern Asia. This beautiful shrub is often overlooked for warmer climates, but it works great in the Florida region. Loropetalum has softly crinkled evergreen foliage and clusters of lightly scented, spidery flowers and an attractive layered branching habit. Many varieties have deep purple or burgundy leaves, a unique trait not typically seen in evergreen shrubs. This shrub is perfect for your landscape and will provide your home with a gorgeous new addition.

2. Gold Mound Duranta

Gold Mound Durant holds a brilliant golden color, making it one of the most valued colorful foliage plants. It beautifully complements other landscape colors, especially greenery. (As a word of caution, planting hedges near Gold Mound Duranta is not recommended.) This beautiful plant should be used where you want to draw attention — it is best used sparingly in the landscape as a pop of color. Please keep in mind: if you use too many of these eye-catching shrubs, they can easily cause a distraction from other attractive elements in your landscape and even your home!

3. Crotons

Codiaeum variegatum (also known as crotons) is a plant species in the genus Codiaeum, a member of the Euphorbiaceae family. Because of its bright colors, this plant draws attention to the eye almost immediately. This tropical plant has thick, leathery leaves of varying colors, shapes, and sizes. As it progresses, the plant’s color may darken to nearly black. Croton plants are extremely popular because of their vibrant colors. Most people think that if you want to add color to your garden, you must add flowers, which isn’t necessarily true. Croton plants offer a colorful, non-flower option that flourishes outdoors if the conditions are right. Luckily, Florida is the perfect place for Crotons.

4. Azaleas

Azaleas are arguably one of the South’s favorite shrubs. They belong to the genus Rhododendron, which comprises more than 800 species and 10,000 named selections. Azalea blooms are typically funnel-shaped, have five stamens, and have small leaves. These gorgeous shrubs bloom in the spring, and their flowers often last several weeks. Azaleas are shade tolerant and they prefer living near or under trees. They are part of the family Ericaceae. These beautiful shrubs do great in the warm Florida climate and are a great addition to any landscaping design.

5. Lily of the Nile

Lily of the Nile (Agapanthus) attracts a large amount of attention. The plant’s inflorescences (the arrangement of flowers on the axis) can grow up to two meters and tower above the seemingly assorted, overhanging leaves. Up to 250 single leaves gather together to one cluster in the unique shape of a ball. Lily of the Nile should always be in full sunlight, perfect for a Florida landscape. Additionally, it should be warm and protected from the wind because the plant is prone to snapping stems. If you are looking for a beautiful addition to your Florida landscape, Lily of the Nile is the way to go.

Adding any of these five gorgeous plants to your home’s landscape will transform the look of your place in no time. Not sure exactly how to incorporate these new ideas? Let Billy’s Lawn Care Professionals help you out! Give us a call at (407) 497-4307 to create your perfect landscape today!