What Does Your Lawn Say About You?

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You can tell a lot about someone just by looking at the state of their lawn. You’ll be able to notice whether or not they pay attention to detail, are responsible, or are highly creative. Likewise, your guests may be doing the same thing when they visit your place. How do you want to come off to people? Do you want people to see a green, well-kept lawn and see someone responsible and hard-working? Or would you rather them see a brown, patchy lawn and assume that you’re forgetful and lazy? Most of us would rather avoid the latter. If you’ve ever wondered what your property may say about you, take a look at the list of categories we assembled and ask yourself which profile is most like you!


This person’s outdoor space has neatly trimmed shrubs and perhaps a beautiful rose garden. Their green thumb is evident with all the attention they give to their lawn. Usually, their outdoor space will also include other details such as fountains, waterfalls, and various types of plants. The extra features show the care that went into the area and demonstrates that the property owner places high value on a comfortable place to reside. Guests of the detail-oriented person’s property experience a sense of peace and tranquility in this space, feeling almost as though the beauty is “just for them.” Friends and family often remark that this person’s property is a perfect place for get-togethers and making memories.


You won’t find a patch of brown grass with perfectionist property owners. These people make sure their lawn could be on the cover of a magazine, and they don’t care how much work it takes. Seeing a property like this showcases an exacting level of discipline and ambition in someone. Many homeowners leave their lawn’s appearance in the hands of mother nature, but not a perfectionist. They will put in the hours of hard work and research into caring for their lawn, and you’ll know it, too.


If you walk into a backyard oasis and see pops of color or unique decor, the odds are that this person has a creative mind. They want to think outside the box and have statement pieces that make them stand out from the crowd. This person usually loves incorporating sound elements into their outdoor space, such as waterfalls, fountains, or wind chimes. When guests walk into their outdoor space, they feel inspired and happy to be in such a positive area.


Be prepared to see a lot of outstanding DIY projects in this person’s outdoor area! A crafty homeowner will take the liberty of creating fanciful planter boxes, patio benches, and birdhouses, demonstrating initiative and that they prefer to take matters into their own hands. They’re not afraid of failure and are always looking for opportunities to grow and learn. Chances are, if you see something unique in their outdoor space, they probably constructed it themselves. Who doesn’t appreciate some good, honest hard work?

Social Butterfly

This person loves finding any reason to invite their friends and family over to hang out. You’ll find ample seating, a fire pit, outdoor speakers, and maybe even a pool or outdoor kitchen. These types of individuals love hosting and making their guests feel like they’re at home. You won’t catch a boring moment with social butterflies because they’ll have the night packed with games, food, and music to keep everyone’s spirits up. The only issue is that they have a tough time getting everyone to go home!


These individuals are conscious of their spending habits and their environment. They try to be as socially and environmentally friendly as possible. You’ll see compost, smart irrigation systems, and possibly even solar-powered tools. These lawn owners care more about taking care of the environment than they do about the aesthetics of their space. They like to be mindful of keeping the area clean and tidy, but their top priority is giving back to planet earth.

Which of these categories best identifies your style? Many times, people may be a mix of various types. Regardless of your style, you can enjoy the process of customizing your property and maximizing its potential to make you happy. You want your yard to be an area where you can relax, play games, and have conversations that last all night long. It can be a challenge to get it all done by yourself, which is why we recommend booking one of our experts to help get the job done. We offer services from landscape design to lawn maintenance to pest control. We want to give you the outdoor space of your dreams. Get your instant quote now by clicking here.